October 2018 Newsletter

 September was a busy month! We hope you took advantage of Open House month and visited your child’s classroom. Studies have shown that parent involvement in a student’s educational program is a key factor to academic success. Feel free to visit anytime.

Montessori and My Student

Children possess a remarkable ability to absorb the world that surrounds them. Maria Montessori believed that the years from three to six are the most critical period for nurturing a child's natural curiosity and for laying the foundation for all future development. The main purpose of a Montessori school is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help the child develop an excellent foundation for future learning. The specific goals for the students who attend a Montessori school are to develop within each student a positive attitude toward school, help develop self-confidence, assist in building a habit of concentration, foster an abiding curiosity, develop habits of initiative and persistence, and foster inner security and a sense of order. For the older student, this framework is used to maintain academic competency.

LMS on Facebook

Livingston Montessori School has a Facebook page. Be sure to “Like” our page and check it for information about activities going on at the school. This is also another method to contact the office by sending a Message. In addition, we have a closed Facebook group just for parents. Search for this group and request to join. This is an easy way to share pictures with parents of some of the activities going on at our school.

Fall Fundraiser

The Fall Fundraiser will end October 15th. We are raising money for classroom materials, so ask all your family and friends to help. Out of town orders can be done online – see instructions on the back of the sheet stapled to the brochure. Orders with payments need to be turned into the office by Monday, October 15th. Thank you in advance for your help!

Picture Days

Fothergill Photography will be taking pictures the week of the 15th - information coming soon!

Fall Fun

  • Primary will be celebrating fall with pumpkin decorating and a special snack on Friday, October 26th at 3:00 p.m.
  • Pre-K will be celebrating a Fall Fun Morning on Friday, October 26th. There will be pumpkin decorating, fall crafts, and a special snack.
  • K – 5th Fun fall activity information coming soon!



August 2018 Newsletter

back-to-school-2 News | Livingston Montessori School

Our new school year will begin August 20th. If you have not confirmed your child's fall enrollment, please do so. Our classes fill quickly and we want to accommodate everyone if possible. Fall registration fees are now due ($100/child).

REMINDER: Tuition is due each week in advance by Monday morning.

Why should my child continue with Montessori education?

In the Montessori environment, the student is presented with endless opportunities to develop academic skills with the aid of self-correcting materials in a prepared setting. Each succeeding year, the student can move into more challenging academic areas. In this supportive, exciting environment he or she develops concentration, self-discipline, a sense of order, and persistence in completing a task. As a result, creative self-expression and a love of learning develops. These empowering habits enable our students to excel in life.

Livingston Montessori School educates students from preschool all the way through 12th grade.


As the beginning of a new school year approaches, some students may have transitions which can concern parents. These suggestions will ease the transition for your student:

Meet the Teacher -- If at all possible, meet the new teacher with your student. Children can become stressed when they don't know what to expect. Meeting the new teacher can help by answering some simple questions. You and your student could setup an appointment and meet the teacher at your convenience.

Preview the Class -- If your student is not familiar with his/her new class, our office staff would be happy to arrange several 'visits.'

Discuss Concerns -- Moving to a new environment may bring some concerns for your student. even enthusiastic children may have some questions. Talk with your student about what they can expect and what they will be doing. some friends will remain the same and some work will remain the same. This provides a sense of familiarity. Everyone involved wants your child to be successful.

Change is Good -- Change can be positive. Even with an incredible past experience, the next experience should be even more rewarding and fulfilling for your student.

Transition times tend to bring up issues that are not dealt with on an everyday basis. Use some of the techniques above to assist your student. Learning to handle new situations now will help your child deal with changes later in life. If you have any questions or concerns about your student's transition, please speak with a teacher or call the office.


You can download a pdf of this month's breakfast, lunch and snack menu using the link below.

August 2018 Menu

January 2018 Newsletter

New year
January 2018
Happy New Year!!! We hope you have the best year ever! It’s great to have everyone back after the restful holiday break. This month the students will be exploring winter science and talking about time and seasons. Why do we change from 2017 to 2018? We will also review classroom rules and manners. Of course, we will continue to help your student advance in all subjects.
Empty Stocking & Christmas Parties – Thank you for your generous donations for the Empty Stocking Program. Your efforts brought joy to the lives of many children! Thank you also for all the Christmas party contributions. The students had such a great time!
New Year’s Resolutions – In order for your student to receive the maximum benefit from our program . . .
     ●Please have your student arrive by 7:45 each morning! The main reasons arriving on
      time is so important to your student:
           1) We serve a nutritious breakfast until 7:45 a.m.
           2) The late student is on a different schedule than the other students and may miss
           important lessons.
           3) Late arrivals interrupt the other students.
     ●Make school a “cell free zone” so that you can give your student your undivided attention.
     ●Please keep personal toys/electronic at home.
     ●Please Do Not Bring High Sugar Foods To School. (This means no donuts, sugary drinks,
      candy, gum, etc.) We strive to serve nutritious whole grain, low sugar foods.
     ●Please make sure all of your student’s possessions have their name on them. Check
       the hooks for lost items. Putting names on possessions helps us get these items back
       to you.
     ●Most important of all -spend more quality time with your child.
Take time each day to read with your student. Have conversations about daily activities. Be
a positive role model for your child. Children need your interest, positive guidance, and
unconditional love.
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December 2017 Newsletter

Xmas wreath
December 2017
Happy Holidays! - December brings a lot of seasonal festivity and fun in our classrooms. This month your student will learn about traditions, sights, sounds, smell, and tastes of the holidays. There will be an abundance of holiday art, songs and literature. The students will be making various decorations for their school Christmas trees, so we hope you will plan to visit during the holiday season to see their wonderful creations!
Empty Stocking Program - The K – 12th Grade classes invite everyone to join in and bring a gift to be donated to the Empty Stocking Program. This program supplies toys and needed items to disadvantaged children. Please bring only non-violent, new or like new toys, and/or items from the posted list unwrapped by Friday, Dec. 15th. Help your student experience the joy of giving by picking out a toy(s) or other item that they think a child would enjoy.
Christmas Parties - On Thursday, Dec. 21st our classes will be having Christmas parties and special Christmas activities! K – 12th grade classes will have brunch at 10:00 a.m. and the students will exchange gifts at 11:00 a.m. K – 12th grade classes will dismiss at 12:00 p.m. The parties for PK I. and PK II. will start at 10:30 a.m. The Primary class will begin their party at 3:00 p.m. There will be sign-up sheets for each classroom for parents to volunteer to bring food and party items.
Gift Exchange - During the Christmas parties on Thursday, Dec. 21st the students in each class will have a book exchange. Please bring a wrapped book for a student approximately the same age and gender as your child. Be sure to label the gift “from” your child. The book should have a $5.00 limit, be age appropriate and non-violent so that all students will have a positive experience. Please bring the gifts by Wednesday, Dec. 20th – the day before the party - so that we can make sure that no student will be disappointed.
Parent/Teacher Conferences – As we near the end of the first half of the school year, we would like to remind you that you can schedule a conference with your student’s teacher at any time to discuss progress and set future goals.
Lost & Found – We have a collection of sweaters and jackets in the main office and after school building without names. If your student is missing any items, visit these two locations. Please label your student’s possessions with their name to better ensure they do not get lost.
Have a safe and wonderful holiday!
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November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017
WE’RE THANKFUL FOR YOU! - As we prepare for the holiday season, we would like you as parents to know how thankful we are for you! We appreciate your cooperation, trust, and support. Thank you for helping us with our activities, for your referrals to our school, and most of all, thanks for your friendship. We are so fortunate to have wonderful parents and students at our school!
FOOD DRIVE - Share the spirit of giving with your child. We will be collecting non-perishable food items for the food pantries in our area in the office area until November 10th.
FALL FUN – Our special activities provided some wonderful traditional fall harvest experiences for our students. Thank you to the musicians of First Presbyterian Church for the wonderful dulcimer performance and Ms. Kasi for teaching us the Cotton Eyed Joe dance. Thank you for your contributions.
HEARING & VISION SCREENING – If your student was 4 as of Sept. 1st, or are in Kindergarten, First Grade, Third Grade, Fifth Grade, and Seventh Grade, an annual hearing and vision test is required. Christian Mobile Services will be here November 8th to do these tests. Form will be coming home.
FUNDRAISER - Thank you to all who collected orders for the Fall Fundraiser. The top three sellers were Hunter Boddie (PK II), Kaylee Reeves (PK II), and Khloey Robinson (Primary). Good job families!
EMPTY STOCKING - The K – 12th Grade classes invite everyone to join in and bring a gift to be donated to the Empty Stocking Program. Please bring only non-violent, new or like new, unwrapped toys on or before Thursday, December 14th. The 6-12th grade class will deliver the toys to the Polk County Enterprise on Friday morning, December 15th. A collection box will be in the office area. Any contributions will help make a child smile on Christmas morning!
DID YOU KNOW? – Scientifically based research on Montessori education shows children in Montessori school do better on standardized tests. Montessori teaches your child how to think problems through in a logical manner – rather than memorizing answers to test questions.
Livingston Montessori will be CLOSED Nov. 23rd and Nov. 24th for the Thanksgiving Holiday
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