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June 2015
SUMMER PROGRAM – We are looking forward to a fun and educational time with our students
this summer. All activities will include music, stories, and open-ended art. Look on our website
for our Summer Program Flyers.
Every class will have a Splash Day each week throughout the summer. In general your child will
need a swimming suit, sun block, and towel. These should all be labeled with his/her name and in
a bag. Children will usually be rinsed off and wrapped in a towel when you pick them up.
              Wednesday afternoons – Primary (Bring items above plus a “swimmer” if needed.)
              Thursday afternoons – PK I & PK II
              Friday afternoons - K – 12th Grade (Water Games)
SUMMER/FALL ENROLLMENT – If you have not returned your Summer/Fall Enrollment Form
or notified the office of your plans, please do so ASAP. We cannot guarantee your child a spot
without this information. We usually have openings in the summer created by vacationing
children so please let your friends know about our fun activities. Also share with them the
educational opportunity we offer for students 2 years thru 12th grade. If your child is off in
the summer, please keep in mind that they are welcomed on a drop-in basis.
TUTORING - We are offering tutoring this summer for students in K – 12th grades. Call the
office for more information.
REMINDER – Please make sure your child has a summer-time change of clothes in his/her cubby
as well as insect repellant and sunscreen. During the summer we will continue to promote good
eating habits so please do not send any sugary food and/or drinks such as donuts, soft drinks,
or candies.
DID YOU KNOW? – Montessori teaches your child to think problems through in a logical
manner rather than memorizing answers to test questions. Montessori graduates can be found
in computer engineering, literature, art, medicine, politics, acting . . . and so much more.
                      -SCHOOL STARTS FOR K – 12TH GRADES AUGUST 24, 2015-
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Montessori For the Kindergarten Year?

Montessori For the Kindergarten Year? 

Many parents are trying to decide whether they should keep their sons and daughters in Montessori for kindergarten or send them off to the local schools.  Here are a few answers to the questions parents often ask, as taken from an on-line article Why Montessori for the Kindergarten Year? by Tim Seldin with Dr. Elizabeth Coe.  The entire article is available or in the office.

What would be the advantage of keeping my child in Montessori for the Kindergarten year?  Several decades of research show that the Montessori approach optimizes the child’s cognitive and emotional development.  The Montessori approach has been acclaimed as the most developmentally appropriate model currently available by some of America’s top experts on early childhood and elementary education.

          Since some children will eventually have to go to the public schools, wouldn’t it be better to make the transition in kindergarten rather than first grade?  One father wrote, “We considered the school years ahead.  We realize a child usually does his best if he has good learning habits, a sound basis in numbers and math, and the ability to read.  We realized that he has an excellent two-year start in Montessori school.  If he were to transfer now to public kindergarten, he would probably go no farther than he is now, whereas if he stays in Montessori, he will reap the benefits of his past work under the enthusiastic guidance of teachers who will share his joy in learning”.

          If I keep my child in Montessori for kindergarten, won’t he/she be bored in a traditional first grade program?  Many families are aware that by the end of the kindergarten year, Montessori students will often have developed academic skills that may be beyond those of children enrolled in most traditional kindergarten programs.  However, parents should remember that academic progress is not our only goal.  Our real hope is that the children will have an incredible sense of self-confidence and an enthusiasm for learning that should aid them throughout their educational journey.  We promote much more than competency in the basic skills; we want them to develop a life long love of learning and empower them with confidence in themselves as students.

*** If you choose to allow your child the opportunity to continue this acclaimed educational system, our school also offers a Montessori program for students through the 12th grade. 

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