September 2019 Newsletter

 Our year has gotten off to a great start – we are so glad you are part of our Livingston Montessori School community!


Newsletters/Menus are published once per month. In order to be earth friendly, you can view the newsletter and menu here on our website. If you would like a printed copy, stop by the office. You can also find more information about Montessori on the website, as well as our curriculum for all age levels. It is never too early to think about your child’s education. We provide education for students through the 12th grade.

Individual Picture

On Sept. 17th & 18th Fothergill Photography will be taking individual and group pictures of all the children. A form will be sent home with more information.

Open House

September is Open House Month. We hope you will visit your child’s classroom this month or anytime. You may schedule a conference with your student’s teacher at your convenience


Thank you for your support in continuing our endeavor to giving kids nutritious lunches. Here are a few ideas to keep it interesting for them*:

  1. Food on Sticks - Think chicken satays, beef skewers, or sausage kebobs, packed on lunchbox-sized sticks for kids. Because everything is more fun on a stick. Pack with: Rice, sliced cucumbers, sliced mango, and yogurt-covered pretzels.
  2. Quesadillas - They’re kid favorites for a reason — and contrary to our adult biases, they don’t need to be piping hot to be delicious. Pack with: Avocado slices or guacamole, jicama sticks, pineapple chunks, pumpkin seeds, or tortilla chips
  3. Deli Meat Roll-Ups - Think outside the bun! Rolling sliced deli turkey, ham, or roast beef around cheese sticks, cream cheese, and even pack with: Whole-wheat pretzels, celery (optional sunflower butter filing), cinnamon-sprinkled apple slices, and coconut macaroon. Greens can change the way your kiddos think about lunch meat

*Ideas by


August 2019 Newsletter

Our new school year will begin August 14th.    If you have not confirmed your child’s fall enrollment, please do so.  Our classes fill quickly and we want to accommodate everyone if possible.

Why should my child continue with a Montessori education?

In the Montessori environment, the student is presented with endless opportunities to develop academic skills with the aid of self-correcting materials in a prepared setting.  Each succeeding year the student can move into more challenging academic areas.  In this supportive, exciting environment he or she develops concentration, self-discipline, a sense of order, and persistence in completing a task.  Therefore, creative self-expression and love of learning develop.  These empowering habits enable our students to excel in life.

Livingston Montessori School educates students - Preschool through the 12th Grade.


As the beginning of a new school year approaches, some students may have transitions which can concern parents.  These suggestions will ease the transition for your student:

  • Meet the Teacher – If at all possible, meet the new teacher with your student.  Children can become stressed when they don’t know what to expect.  Meeting the new teacher can help by answering some simple questions.  You and your student could check with the office and meet the teacher at your convenience.
  • Preview – If your student is not familiar with his/her new class, our office staff would be glad to arrange several “visits”.
  • Discuss Concerns – Moving to a new environment may bring some concerns for your child.  Even enthusiastic children may have some questions.  Talk with him or her about what to expect.  Some of their friends will be in their class.  This provides a sense of familiarity.  Everyone involved wants your child to be successful.
  • Change Is Good – Change can be positive.  Even with an incredible past experience, the next experience should be even more rewarding and fulfilling for your student.

Transition times tend to bring up issues that are not dealt with on an everyday basis.  Use some of the techniques above to assist your student.  Learning to handle new situations now will help your child deal with changes later in life.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s transition, please speak with a teacher or call the office.


May 2019 Newsletter

End Of The School Year Celebrations

Primary, Preschool and Pre-K classes will celebrate with an ice cream party at their afternoon snack time.  The Kg-5th Grade Celebration will be on Friday, May 17th at 10:00am.  A sign-up sheet for snacks will be at the front desk.

Last day of school

The last day of the 2018-2019 academic school year is Friday, May 17th. K- 12th grades will have an early dismissal at 12:00 p.m. Thank you for allowing us to teach your child this year!

Summer Fun

Our fun and educational Summer Camp will begin Monday, May 20th.  We will have weekly themes available, for all students, from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 pm.  In the afternoons, there will be daily activities.  We usually have spaces available, created by vacationing families, so help us spread the word throughout our community about our wonderful Summer Program.  Summer Camp information can be viewed on our website or copies of the flyers are available in the office.  Part time and daily schedules are available during the summer for those not currently enrolled full time.

Summer/Fall Enrollment Forms

If you have not returned your student’s form, please do so as soon as possible.  We cannot guarantee your child a spot without this information.  If you have any questions about enrollment, please call the office.


We want to thank Fothergill Photo for taking our school pictures.  We hope you are delighted with them and please let us know if you have any questions or comments.



March 2019 Newsletter

Spring is on its way!! All of our classes are embracing spring by learning all about plants, life cycles, rebirth, etc. We have many fun projects planned to celebrate spring. If you have any spring flowers that you would like to bring, the students enjoy the art of flower arranging. This adds beauty to our classrooms and is also educational.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help with a spring gardening program, your leadership or assistance would be wonderful! Just let us know if you are interested.

St. Jude Bike & Trike-A-Thon

We are hosting this event on Friday, March 8th to raise money for children with cancer. You will receive an information sheet which includes a permission slip and a pledge sheet. Please return the permission slip by Thursday, March 7th. The pledges may be based on the number of “laps” your student rides their bike/trike or you can collect flat donations. Money should be turned in by March 22nd. We will need a lot of volunteers for this event so please let a teacher know if you can help. We hope you come and enjoy the fun!


The Spring Fundraiser orders and money need to be turned in by March 19th. Thank you for helping us purchase outdoor activities for our students.

Spring Pictures

March 19th – 20th

Income Tax Information

2018 tax statements can be emailed, faxed, or printed.


There will be no classes for K – 12th Grade March 11th-15th. Other activities will be provided.

December 2018 Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

December brings a lot of seasonal festivity and fun in our classrooms. This month your student will learn about traditions, sights, sounds, smell, and tastes of the holidays. There will be an abundance of holiday art, songs and literature. The students will be making various decorations for their school Christmas trees, so we hope you will plan to visit during the holiday season to see their wonderful creations!

Empty Stocking Program

The K – 12th Grade classes invite everyone to join in and bring a gift to be donated to the Empty Stocking Program. This program supplies toys and needed items to disadvantaged children. Please bring only non-violent, new or like new toys, and/or items from the posted list unwrapped by Friday, Dec. 14th. Help your student experience the joy of giving by picking out a toy(s) or other item that they think a child would enjoy.

Christmas Parties

On Wednesday, Dec. 19th our classes will be having Christmas parties and special Christmas activities! K – 12th grade classes will have brunch at 10:00 a.m. and the students will exchange gifts at 11:00 a.m. K – 12th grade classes will dismiss at 12:00 p.m. The parties for PK I. and PK II. will start at 10:30 a.m. The Primary class will begin their party at 3:00 p.m. There will be sign-up sheets for each classroom for parents to volunteer to bring food and party items.

Gift Exchange

During the Christmas parties on Wednesday, Dec. 19th the students in each class will have a book exchange. Please bring a wrapped book for a student approximately the same age and gender as your child. Be sure to label the gift “from” your child. The book should have a $5.00 limit, be age appropriate and non-violent so that all students will have a positive experience. Please bring the gifts by Tuesday, Dec. 18th – the day before the party - so that we can make sure that no student will be disappointed.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

As we near the end of the first half of the school year, we would like to remind you that you can schedule a conference with your student’s teacher at any time to discuss progress and set future goals.

Christmas Holiday

Early Release on December 19th for K-12 classes. No K-12 classes December 20th – January 8th. K-12 classes will resume January 9th. Activities will be provided during this time if your child needs afterschool/holiday care. Please let us know if your student will be attending during the Christmas Holiday so we can plan accordingly.


Livingston Montessori School will be closed Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, December 25th

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