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August 2021 Newsletter

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Our exciting new school year will begin August 9th. If you have not confirmed your child's fall enrollment, please do so. Our classes fill quickly and we want to accommodate everyone if possible.

Why should my child continue with a Montessori education?

In the Montessori environment, the student is presented with endless opportunities to develop academic skills with the aid of self-correcting materials in a prepared setting. Each succeeding year the student can move into more challenging academic areas. In this supportive, exciting environment he or she develops concentration, self-discipline, a sense of order, and persistence in completing a task. Therefore, creative self-expression and love of learning develop. These empowering habits enable our students to excel in life.

Livingston Montessori School educates students - Preschool through the 5th Grade. Excellent educational opportunities continue to be available through our affiliate program, Evolving Education, for 6th -12th Grade.


As the beginning of a new school year approaches, these suggestions will ease the transition for your student:

Meet the Teacher - If at all possible, meet the new teacher with your student. Children can become
stressed when they don't know what to expect. Meeting the new teacher can help by answering some
simple questions. You and your student could check with the office and meet the teacher at your

Preview - If your student is not familiar with his/her new class, our office staff would be glad to arrange
several "visits".

Discuss Concern - Moving to a new environment may bring some concerns for your child. Even
enthusiastic children may have some questions. Talk with him or her about what to expect. Some of their
friends will be in their class. This provides a sense of familiarity. Everyone involved wants your child to
be successful.

Change Is Good - Change can be positive. Even with an incredible past experience, the next experience
should be even more rewarding and fulfilling for your student.

Transition times tend to bring up issues that are not dealt with on an everyday basis. Use some of the techniques above to assist your student. Learning to handle new situations now will help your child deal with changes later in  life. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with a teacher or call the office.


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