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Support Programs

Livingston After School Program

  • A relaxed environment in which to engage in free play, art, story time, and other enriching activities.
  • Children are encouraged to make positive, healthy. and safe choices.
  • Transportation from LISD schools is provided.

Livingston Summer Camps

During the summer months, we have two levels of weekly camps. The camps are theme-based and keep students learning but in a relaxed and fun environment. Summer camp enrollment is flexible according to individual needs. Information describing the themes being offered are made available in April for that year's summer camps.

2022 Summer Camps

Pre-K Camps

May 16th - 27th

Ocean Adventures

Children will learn about summer safety and will dive into fascinating ocean depths

May 31st - June 11th


We will discover gently and fierce dinosaurs as web become paleontologists

June 13th - 24th

Little Farmers

Children will enjoy learning the importance of taking care of animals

June 27th - July 8th


We will explore the layers of the rainforest, as well as the adventures of the wild safari

July 11th - 22rd

Fairy Tales

Fairy tales will provide educational and dramatic fun

July 25th - August 5th

Solar System

Children will explore the solar system as they learn many aspects of space

K-5th Camps

May 16th - 27th

Under the Sea

Explore life in the vast depths of the ocean. As an oceanographer, reveal how the mysteries of marine life affect our environment. As an artist, portray under water creatures.Summer and water safety will be emphasized.

May 31st - June 10th

Bug Camp

Compe explore entomology as we learn more about insects. Learn about their importan jobs as pollinators and decomposers through projects and investigations. Games, stories, and crafts about insects will be included.

June 13th - 24th

Lego Camp

Building wiht Legos and Dinosaur construction will stimulate imagination and some innovative STEAM thinking. Applying science, technology, and engineering skills with an artist's flair will be the flavor of these activities.

June 27th - July 1st

Happy Birthday America!

Learn about why and how we celebrate our country's independence. Discover why firewords and other things pop. Cool off with some ice cream making.

July 5th - 15th

Pets Care

Friendship, fun, love...pets give us so much and deserve proper daily care. We will explore the pros and cons of keeping wild animals as pets. The childfren will enjoy a pet store visit, literature, and projects.

July 18th - 29th

Mixed Media

Expand your view of the world around you and see it as an artist. Fascinating art projects like kaleidoscopes, optical illusions, vibrant selfportraits, and sculpture design challenges, will inspire you to create authentic artwork beyond your wildest dreams.

August 1st - 5th

Back to School Bingo

A variety of educational Bingo games will be an enjoyable way to celebrate the conclusion of an adventure filled summer.

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