Individualized Tutoring

Program Highlights

  • Session times available Monday through Friday afternoons and evenings
  • All tutors are certified teachers
  • Diagnostic testing defines each student's areas of strength and weakness
  • S.P.I.R.E reading program used for students who are struggling with language skills
We offer Test Prep for STAAR, TAKS, SAT, ACT, and GED.
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The Montessori Advantage

At Livingston Montessori School we acknowledge that all children learn in different ways and we believe that all children can be successful if given the tools to become strategic and self-reliant thinkers. By understanding their own thinking processes and by taking responsibility for the strategies and solutions available to them, students become confident learners who are in control of their success in the classroom. Livingston Montessori School will help your child discover these tools for success.

A comprehensive set of diagnostic tools will be used to help define each student’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can provide the support your child needs in the appropriate areas. Your child can then be placed in a program that will strengthen his or her skills in that area whether it is math, reading, writing or organization and study skills.

Our private tutoring program offers one-on-one tutoring sessions for your child. Our certified teachers will address the individual needs and learning style of each child in order to move each student toward greater academic success. Whether your child needs help in just one subject area, or needs regular tutoring in several subjects, our exceptional tutors are trained to help your child grow into more confident learners.

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