January 2024 Newsletter

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Happy New Year!!! 

We hope you have the best year ever! It’s great to have everyone back after the restful holiday break. We want to welcome our new students and their families to our school. This month the students will be exploring winter science and talking about time and seasons. Why do we change from 2023 to 2024? We will also review classroom rules and manners. Of course, we will continue to help your student advance in all subjects.


Christmas Parties 

Thank you for your donations for our Christmas parties. The students had such a great time! We would love for you to share your party pictures of the children on our Montessori Facebook page.                                                    


New Year’s Resolutions – In order for your student to receive the maximum benefit from our program . . .


*Please have your student arrive by 7:45 each morning! The main reasons arriving on  

  time is so important to your student:

       1)  We serve a nutritious breakfast until 8:00 a.m.

       2) The late student is on a different schedule than the other students and may miss

                 important lessons.

       3)  Late arrivals interrupt the other students.


*Please keep personal toys/electronics at home.

*Please Do Not Bring High Sugar Foods To School. (This means no donuts, sugary drinks,   

  candy, gum, etc.) We strive to serve nutritious whole grain, low sugar foods.

*Please make sure your student (ages 2-5) has a change of clothes at school.

*Please make sure all of your student’s possessions are labeled.

*Most important of all - spend quality time with your child.


    Take time each day to read with your student. Have conversations about daily activities.                  

    Be a positive role model for your child. Children need your interest, positive guidance, and unconditional love.



K-12th  GRADE CLASSES RESUME Wednesday, JANUARY 3rd   


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