February Newsletter 2024

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Did You Know? 

Scientifically based research on Montessori education shows children in Montessori schools (both public and private) do better on standardized tests.  Montessori teaches your child how to think problems through in a logical manner – rather than memorizing answers to test questions.  There are many famous Montessori graduates in computer engineering, literature, art, medicine, politics, acting and so much more.  Larry and Sergey Brin- founders of Google.com- Jeffrey P. Bezos – founder of Amazon.com, Julia Child – world famous television chef, Anne Frank – renowned World War II diarist are just a few examples.


Valentine’s Day Activities - Wednesday, February 14th

Each class will have special Valentine activities, arts/crafts, and songs during class time.


Valentine Exchange

 Primary, Preschool, and Pre-K classes, please do not address the valentine cards to a particular child; only have “from” with your child’s name.


Primary       10                PreK 1     24               Kinder    18                 3rd-5th    14

PreSchool   16                PreK 2     24               1st – 3rd    8                 6th-8th     7


K-12th grade will have a 50’s Day Sock Hop @2:00 p.m. in the gym. Special Valentine snacks to follow in their classrooms. (Sign-up sheets for Valentine snacks will be in the classrooms.)

Students are encouraged to wear 50’s Day attire!!! Parents are invited to join in the fun!


For additional Valentine information please contact the teachers.


Income Tax Information – If you need a tax statement for 2023, please stop by the office or call.  Statements can be emailed, faxed, or printed.  Our EIN number is listed on this statement.


Important Reminder – Please put your child’s name on personal items including jackets, sweaters, cups, water bottles, and blankets.

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